Berkeley Federation of Teachers Endorses Julie Sinai for Berkeley School Board!

I am honored and proud to announce that the Berkeley Federation of Teachers (BFT) endorsed me for Berkeley School Board.

Teachers work day in and day out to educate our children. They are determined to provide the best education for thousands of students. After being on their feet Monday through Friday in the classroom, they come home to grade papers and write lesson plans in the evenings and weekends, and they think about what training and rejuvenation they need over the summer to be the best teacher in the coming year.

Unfortunately, too many of our teachers are balancing the needs of their students while worrying about how they are going to meet their own needs here in the Bay Area. We're all reading stories in the newspapers of teachers across the region stressed about making rent, working two jobs, fearing eviction, living in their cars, and commuting long distances. When was the last time you heard about a teacher looking to buy a house? That's way out of reach.

I want our teachers to be in the classroom focusing on students, not worrying about their next rent payment. I want teachers to be able to afford to put roots in the community they serve. Berkeley teachers need strong School Board members who prioritize their needs in the classroom and the importance of recruiting, supporting, and retaining the best teachers in the Bay Area.

I want to extend my sincere appreciation to BFT for putting their confidence in me. And, I would like to congratulate School Board incumbent Ty Alper and candidate Ka'Dijah Brown, who also received the BFT endorsement for the November 6th School Board election.

Will you join BFT in supporting my campaign?  If you haven't already done so, you can add your name to the list of endorsers

Thank you!