June 10th: Help us launch my campaign for School Board!

As a proud parent of two graduates of the Berkeley Public Schools and as a long-time engaged member of our community, I consider it my responsibility and my passion to help ensure that all of Berkeley’s students graduate ready to take charge of their education, their career, and their future. That’s why I’m running for Berkeley School Board.

Please join co-hosts

Senator Nancy Skinner, School Board Directors Beatriz Leyva-Cutler, Karen Hemphill, Josh Daniels, Judy Appel, and Ty Alper, City Council Members Linda Maio, Lori Droste, and Susan Wengraf, Peralta Community College Trustees Karen Weinstein, Nicky Gonzalez Yuen, and Julina Bonilla, Senator Loni Hancock (ret.), Tom Bates (ret.), City Council Member Darryl Moore (ret.) BFT President Cathy Campbell, Berkeley Fire Fighters Assoc Colin Arnold, David Sprague, John Caner, Ruben Lizardo, Stephanie Allan, Melissa Male, Trina Ostrander, Eric Weaver, Tirzah Riley, Jane Micallef, and Mary Jacobs

 Campaign Kick-Off
Julie Sinai for Berkeley School Board

Sunday, June 10th, 2018 | 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Tender Greens

2071 University Ave, Berkeley


Please RSVP to volunteer@julie.vote

It’s no secret that preparing students to succeed in the 21st Century requires our school district to step up and build a full-throated commitment to literacy, math, science, technology and career exploration in a way that is relevant the world around them. 

I will apply my experience and deep connections across the region to support a vibrant educational community for our teachers and students, and harness the area’s unparalleled centers of excellence that include world renowned colleges and universities, forward looking businesses community, innovative community-based organizations, progressive local governments, inclusive and dynamic labor unions, and family members who have deep expertise, skills, and knowledge.

It is time for our schools and our students to tap this know-how and expertise that sits right in our backyard. It is time for this region to invest in our students.


What I bring to Berkeley Schools

  • Commitment to Equity

I cannot - we must not - rest until the persistent opportunity gap experienced by our students of color has vanished. I am determined to widen the pathway with on-ramps so all students, regardless of where they came from. When they leave our schools, they will have the skills and tools needed to successfully navigate their future.

  • 20 Years of Experience

My experience spans the journey of our students: I’ve worked in early childhood education, the Berkeley School District, the City of Berkeley, UC Berkeley, the community college system, and the non-profit community. I also proudly served as an appointed member of the Berkeley School Board in 2013-2014.

  • Accountability

I have a unique combination of leadership and program experience within both the non-profit and public sector. This experience has informed my rigorous approach to evaluating effectiveness and to ensuring fiscal responsibility. 

Thank you to all who have endorsed and donated!  If you haven’t already, please ENDORSE my campaign so we can work together to make Berkeley schools the best in the state. You can also sign up to volunteer, host a house party, or display a sign on line.

And Remember - please join us on June 10th at Tender Greens! If you can’t make it, please make a contribution online (maximum $250 per person) or by sending a check to Julie Sinai for School Board 2018, 1569 Solano Avenue #256, Berkeley, CA 94707.

Thank you for your support and quick action!